School History

School HistoryIn the early summer of 2009, four Russian speaking mothers from Chelmsford decided that they would like a school for their children that would encourage them in the Russian language, culture and customs.

They wanted the school to be local, accessible, friendly and fun, but also seriously committed to ensuring that Russian speaking children brought up in England and going to English speaking schools through the week could come together to enjoy their Russian heritage at the weekend.

Thus Chelmsford Russian School “Alyonushka” was born. From the very beginning of its existence “Alyonushka” was registered as a member of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education continYou. Under its Director, Elena Harrison, the school opened its doors to students on 26 September 2009 in the British Red Cross building off New London Road. From a modest start of four young students the school looks forward to welcoming an increasing number of Russian heritage children in Essex who wish to improve their language skills, write in the Cyrillic script and experience Russian culture and traditions. From Sept 2011 we have moved to County High School for Girls in Broomfield Road.

School HistoryMeeting on Saturday mornings from 0830 to 1130 and Sunday mornings from 1000 to 1300 in Chelmsford, “Alyonushka” students enjoy both serious study and traditional games.

Why not enrol your child? Enrolment is available throughout the year. Call the Director, Elena Harrison on 01245-266247 for a chat about what your child needs and what “Alyonushka” can offer. Alternatively e-mail her on director_crsa

We can offer Russian classes to students of all ages and in addition English for foreigners. Telephone to discuss your language requirements and see what can be arranged.