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To allow children with a Russian speaking parent or parents to gain help in learning or maintaining Russian language, culture and traditions.

To assist other children and adults to learn Russian.


Opening a Supplementary School teaching Russian for three hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings during normal school term time.

Employing mother-tongue Russian language teachers of language, literature, music and culture as required. Providing classroom facilities in a local venue.


The main objective is to provide a means for families who want to continue their heritage links with Russia, sustaining and developing knowledge of Russian language, literature, history and culture. This is achieved through a not-for-profit weekend Supplementary School, where Russian will be taught. It will help bi-lingual children from British/Russian families to improve both languages. It will help Russian and Russian speaking families within Essex to get together as a community.

Code of Practice

Chelmsford Russian School “Alyonushka” is a member of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education and subscribes to the Code of Practice of the National Resource Centre.

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